There are a variety of modern Natural Family Planning (NFP) Methods available for use to achieve and prevent pregnancy. Each one works a little differently to identify the fertile phase of a woman's cycle. Ovulation methods like Billings or Creighton work by observation of cervical mucus signs. Sympto-thermal methods like Couple to Couple League and Southern Star utilize a variety of symptoms, including basal body temperature and cervical mucus signs.

Sympto-hormonal methods like Marquette Method utilize hormone testing in addition to observation of cervical mucus signs. All of these modern methods provide accurate ways to identify the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle regardless of what kind of cycle a woman has but especially if she is experiencing irregularities.

MFB Fertility supports use of sympto-hormonal methods, such as the Marquette Method, which is a method that combines testing certain hormones in urine with observing cervical mucus. The method is effective for trying to get pregnant as well as for trying to avoid pregnancy. Ovulation Double Check compliments sympto-hormonal methods, as well as ovulation methods and sympto-thermal methods, by providing another tool to pinpoint ovulation.